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traditional elegance

A complete remodel and modern addition transformed this 1800s historic structure into a true family home. This house had been used for a variety of purposes over the years, and it was important to honor that history and character, restoring details to what would have been appropriate to the original era of the home. It was also a main focus to make sure the design felt like a true reflection of the homeowners, who had an eye for bold color, layered textures, and modern details.

A more modern addition created that juxtaposition to the original detailing with sleek floor-to-ceiling windows and a more functional floor plan, with expanded sitting and dining areas and a full Primary suite. Playful light fixtures, rich wallpapers, vibrant saturations of color, and a beautiful personal art collection brought everything together to create an elegant and classic Charleston home that captured the rich stories and eclectic taste of the family within.

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